EPISODE 20: Consulting to Achieve Your Life's Work—with Laura Porter

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Laura Porter. Laura is the co-founder of ACE Interface, LLC, an organization dedicated to building self-healing communities. Laura worked in state government for many years with a focus on reducing the rate of social problems, such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and facilitating community change. She shares how she took this passion and became an in-demand consultant who works with leaders across the country to improve community health. 



Laura Porter

Laura Porter, the co-founder of ACE Interface, shares how you can build a successful consulting business doing what you consider your calling in life. She discusses her mission-driven consulting business and how she works with communities to create change. In this podcast, we talk about: 


  • Becoming the go-to person for your area of work

  • How to transition into consulting and maintain your mission orientation

  • Scaling your work so that more people can be engaged

  • Ways to get funding to support the consulting work

  • How to consult in a way that allows communities to make choices on their own

  • Questions to ask yourself and mistakes to avoid when starting a consulting business


More about Laura:



More about ACE Interface: 


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