EPISODE 23: Building a Thriving Part-Time Consulting Business —with Tanya Zucconi

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Tanya Zucconi who enjoys the best of both worlds as a consultant and an employee. She works part-time consultant and part-time doing research and innovation portfolio management at Partners HeathCare. She has expertise in patient population performance drivers and outcomes, data-driven decision making, and technology and workflow solutions to improve clinical outcomes and hospital operations. In this episode, she shares how she built her consulting business, the skills she uses to delight her clients, and techniques for new consultants to get clients faster. 



Tanya Zucconi

Tanya shares her advice for developing the soft skills needed to build a successful consulting business. She shares tactics that help her clients achieve their outcomes and keep them returning to her time and time again. In this episode, we talk about:


  • Go-to soft skills that can help get and manage client engagements  

  • Best practices for effective client communication

  • How to mitigate risk early on and throughout an engagement

  • How to test your value proposition and consulting description before you use it in the market

  • Ways to entice potential clients with initial offerings

  • When and how to pivot in a conversation with a potential client from free intel to a paid engagement


More about Tanya:



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Listening Time: 38 min.


In this Craft of Consulting podcast I feature perspectives and techniques from previous podcast guests on how they create balance in their lives while having a thriving consulting business. 

Listening Time: 23 min.

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