Episode 53: Helping Clients Understand and Respond to the Pandemic—with Michael Allerton

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview my longtime friend and colleague Michael Allerton, the former Infectious Disease Practice Leader at The Permanente Medical Group, which is the physician side of Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. He was responsible for responding to emerging diseases and pathogens that affected the medical group and their patients. In this podcast, he shares his wisdom on where to get the most accurate information about the pandemic and how to help clients embrace the reality of the current crisis, including its uncertain and dynamic nature; make the best possible decisions; and prepare for future emergencies.

Mitigate the Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Your Consulting Business 

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Michael Allerton

As a consultant, you need to help your clients make the best possible decisions with the best available information and continue to help them as the reality of the current coronavirus pandemic and future crises change. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Getting your information about what is happening from the right sources and why that matters

  • Helping your clients be pragmatic when they can’t always make the best choices 

  • More effectively influencing your clients’ choices by basing what you say on their values and appetite for possible consequences

  • Looking for opportunities to make helpful changes during the disruption (just like a Jello mold)

  • Managing your fear and stress during this crisis

  • Understanding and applying key lessons about pandemics and other crises

  • Why my mom apologized to me about zombies


More About Michael: 


Otherwise, he’s retired and sharing truth on Facebook.


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