Episode 61: Insights from Women on Fishbowl about their Consulting Firms—with Mara Lecocq and Sarit Henig

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Mara Lecocq and Sarit Henig from Fishbowl, the social app for professionals in the same industry to have honest career conversations. One of the more popular communities on Fishbowl is its management consulting community. In this podcast, they talk about how Fishbowl helps consultants move careers, companies, and industries forward and share the recent results from the Women at Work 2020 survey of the community of women using Fishbowl.


The survey revealed how satisfied women who responded are with their companies and compensation, the impact of motherhood on their careers, what they hear about their personalities and performance, and their experience since the #MeToo movement.

Mara is the Brand Director at Fishbowl. Before joining Fishbowl, Mara was an advertising agency creative director where she led digital campaigns and products for major brands and founded the platform and community Where Are The Boss Ladies, the largest database of more than 1,000 senior women leaders in advertising. Sarit Henig is the Director of Community Activation and Growth. Previously she was both an independent consultant, designing online content strategies, and a digital strategy consultant at Accenture.

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Mara Lecocq and Sarit Henig from Fishbowl

Mara Lecocq and Sarit Henig from Fishbowl share ways that Fishbowl’s communities can enable consultants and other professionals to have conversations and get support they can’t get anywhere else. In this podcast, we talk about:


  • Understanding who is using Fishbowl, what it is, and what it does for consultants and other professionals

  • Being able to ask questions and get feedback in a safe place

  • Nerding out on Fishbowl by diving into different aspects of who you are and what you love

  • Surveying women in the Fishbowl communities to get an on-the-ground view of what is happening in consulting and other industries

  • Exploring the details and reasons behind the survey results

  • Arming women with statistics that they can then share at work

  • Engaging in the Women in Consulting bowl for support, confirmation, and practical advice

  • Adding new bowls for more professionals, like healthcare providers, and new, relevant topics like the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Balancing life during the COVID lockdown


More about Mara:



More about Sarit:



More about Fishbowl:


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