Episode 63: 10 Tips for What to Do During the Pandemic

to Strengthen Your Consulting Business—with Emma Weise

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Emma Weise, CEO of FreshSage. She helps consultants develop and execute brand strategies and position themselves within their markets to achieve their business goals. In this interview, she shares her top 10 tips for what consultants can do during the pandemic to strengthen their consulting business.


As a special bonus, she is also offering a video and tool for you to flesh out what your clients’ brand experiences should be and how to best showcase yourself. See the link below.

Mitigate the Impact of the Coronavirus Crisis on Your Consulting Business 

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Emma Weise

Brand strategist Emma Weise shares 10 things that consultants should be doing during the COVID pandemic to reconsider, retool, and repair their consulting business brand. In this podcast, we talk about:


  • Taking stock of where you are when circumstances, like COVID, change

  • Shifting and adapting after looking at what you're faced with and how things could be different

  • Staying connected with clients in a non-sleazy, pro-heart way

  • Keeping up to date and relevant with new skills and knowledge

  • Deciding how you want your brand to be positioned, in what market, and with what clients in the new COVID world

  • Understanding the importance of you and your personality being a core part of your brand and how that impacts your ability to get clients

  • Sending clear signals to clients so they don’t have to work to figure out if you’re right for them

  • Reviewing and revamping your client brand experience to ensure it matches the customer journey and experience that will bring you more business

  • Avoiding the pitfalls of a mediocre, home-cooked brand

  • Staying visible and valuable to set you apart with clients

  • Going digital and adjusting to the online space

  • Cutting the fat in your business and looking at your business processes with fresh eyes

  • Developing products as a new revenue stream

  • Staying human and being a friend


More about Emma and FreshSage:



For the Client Brand Experience video and free tool:



See Emma’s video on her 10 tips for consultants during COVID:


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