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Top 5 Things You Must Do to Get Consulting Clients


Consulting offers freedom and uncapped income in a way few other professions can.


It also lets you to do the work you love while having time in to have the life you most want.


But to make that dream your reality…you have to get consulting clients.

And then get more.


And then keep your pipeline of work full so you always have income you need to have the life you want.


But what do you do…

If you don’t know how to do that...

Or what you’re doing isn’t working?

Do you have to give up on your dreams and go work for someone else again?

The answer is NO! You don’t have to do that.


You just have to know the secret to getting clients and filling your pipeline.


And that is...

Getting the new knowledge and skills that all successful consultants—including me—had to learn to build profitable and fulfilling consulting business.


It’s really that simple.


And I want to give you a head start. A short cut to the most important things to know and do to get clients in the door and income in your pocket.

Join me for a FREE live masterclass:

Top 5 Things You Must Do to Get Consulting Clients

I’ve been a highly-paid consultant for 12+ years. I’ll share what I have learned that is absolutely essential for getting clients.


Skipping these 5 must-dos prevent too many consultants from getting clients.


And I’ll confess. When I started, I didn’t do these 5 things. And that resulted in me spending months feeling frustrated and confused about why everything I was doing wasn’t working!


So join me and learn how to skip the hard part and get to the best part, which is getting paid well to do the work you were meant to do.


Here are the details...

The 90-minute live masterclass will be December 7, 2023 at 9 am PDT (12 pm EDT and 5 pm GMT).


During the masterclass, I’ll share the top 5 must-dos for getting clients and how to do them well.


Plus, there will be plenty of time for you to ask me questions that can help you get clients faster.

Seats are limited so reserve yours today!


You'll also have limited-time access to the replay after the masterclass.


Plus…when you register, I’ll send you a FREE tool to help you get clients. It’s a tool for you to develop your value proposition, which is your unique statement that describes your value in your market.


Deb Zahn Can Help Succeed as a Consultant—Faster and Far With Less Stress

I am a practicing and sought-after consultant with 11+ years of successful consulting under her belt. As a go-to source in my market, I routinely bring in 6- and 7-figures a year and have built a steady, reliable pipeline of work. My clients come back to me again and again and continually send me new clients. 


Among other consultants, I have earned the reputation as “The Closer,” the consultant who can get high-value contracts with hard-to-get clients. Over the last decade, I have coached 65+ new consultants and helped them fast track their success. I helped a new consultant get their first contract—worth over $120,000—only three weeks we started working together. By their second month, they reached $200,000.


I am the host of the Craft of Consulting podcast, which features other successful consultants who share their strategies and insights about building their consulting businesses and delighting their clients as well as consulting clients who share what makes some consultants rise to the top of their hire list.

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