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Episode 13: Building Your Brand as a Consultant —with Shaunice Hawkins

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Shaunice Hawkins. Shaunice is Principal at Evolutions Consulting and Advising, a boutique strategic communication consultancy. Shaunice specializes in corporate, crisis, and cultural communication; marketing and promotion; and branding and reputation management. She works with Fortune 500 companies, law firms, academia, non-profits, government agencies, religious institutions, and media. In today’s episode, she dives deep into the heart of branding for consultants, including what branding is and why it matters for consultants as well as how to build your brand, evolve it over time, and use it to cultivate exceptional client experiences.


Shaunice Hawkins

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Episode Details

Shaunice Hawkins, Principal at Evolutions Consulting and Advising, shares all the nitty gritty steps to building a brand as a consultant. She shares her professional and personal experiences of building brands as well as critical lessons that can help new consultants define their brand as a core strategy for building a robust consulting business. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Laying down the foundation of your brand

  • Deciding what parts of you should go into your overall brand strategy

  • Activities to discover your brand attributes

  • Building a brand that resonates with your market

  • What not to do when developing your brand strategy

  • How to grow your brand on social media

  • How to stay true to your brand and values as you evolve and grow your business

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More about Evolutions Consulting and Advising:

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