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Episode 132: Podcasting to Get Consulting Revenue—with Noah Tetzner

Podcasting can get you consulting clients.

Why? Because it’s a wonderful tool to connect with your ideal clients, develop a relationship, and get them eager to work with you. It’s also a way to build awareness, authority, and trust in your target market.

In this week's episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, I interview B2B podcast consultant, Noah Tetzner. Noah shares the power behind podcasting and how you can take advantage of it to get consulting clients and revenue for your consulting business.


Noah Tetzner

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Episode Details

Noah Tetzner helps others build their client base by leveraging what podcasts can do that few other mediums can. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Using podcasts to establish authority and build an audience of people who could potentially be your clients

  • Reaching out to potential ideal but hard-to-reach clients to be guests on your podcast instead of trying to sell to them first

  • Creating the campfire effect that interviewing someone can produce

  • Following up after an interview to further the relationship and generate interest in hiring you

  • Preparing for interviews to ensure a relationship-building experience

  • Developing formal and informal strategic partnerships through podcasts

  • Generating revenue through your podcasts even before you have a lot of listeners

  • Broadening your exposure by getting on other people’s podcasts

  • Getting started with a podcast without trying to be perfect

For more information about Noah Tetzner:

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