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Episode 153: How to Get, Keep, and Delight Clients—with Josh Rubin

Becoming successful as a consultant is easier if you can get solid advice from someone who has traveled the same path and found success.

On this week's episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, I interview one of my favorite people and wildly successful consultant Josh Rubin, Principal at Health Management Associates. I present him with a series of what-would-you-do scenarios about building a consulting practice. In his answers, he shares his wisdom for getting and keeping clients so you serve them well and do the work you love.


Josh Rubin

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Episode Details

Josh knows more than a thing or two about getting consulting business and delighting his clients. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Starting consulting with no clients

  • Leveraging initial clients to help you get other clients

  • Making sure clients never feel like they are being gouged

  • Orienting yourself relative to your clients

  • Navigating initial client conversations

  • Knowing what to do when prospective clients aren’t clear about what they want

  • Understanding that you aren’t selling an hour of your time

  • Avoiding what gives consultants a bad name

  • Giving prospective clients a proposal as an act of generosity

  • Admitting what you know and don’t know

  • Creating a magnetic reputation

  • Embracing what matzah ball soup and bagels are and are not

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