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43 min

Episode 207: Deciding What You Do—and Don’t Do—as a Consultant—with Chandler Arnold

As the creator of your consulting business, you get to identify and embrace what you were put on the planet to do and doing that can make your consulting journey easier.

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I Interview Chandler Arnold who shares how he decided what he wanted his consulting business to be and how he wanted to show up boldly as a consultant.


Chandler Arnold

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Episode Details

Chandler Arnold could have done a lot of things as a consultant but chose to focus on what he most wanted to do. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Deciding to narrowly define who you wanted to work with

  • Learning from past mistakes

  • Avoiding contorting yourself into something that you aren't really focused on

  • Gaining confidence to be bolder and clearer about who you are and the value that you bring

  • Radically embracing your limitations

  • Knowing what questions to ask yourself—and your clients

  • Talking to people who aren’t your ideal client and still opening doors

  • Bring someone's best call of the day

  • Helping people feel heard, inspired, excited, and connected before figuring out an engagement

  • Getting clear about your offers and what you don’t do

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