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36 min

Episode 225: Embracing Your Naivete and Increasing Your Consulting Impact—with Joshua Berry

Daring to be naïve in service seems counterintuitive. But when you step into chosen naivete can unlock possibilities for your consulting business and life.

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I interview Joshua Berry, co-founder and CEO of Econic. He shares ways to embrace purposeful naivete. He also talks about how to combine impact with a return on investment to have a business that does good and well.


Joshua Berry

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Episode Details

Joshua Berry reveals ways that being naïve can be brave and useful for your consulting business. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding why it’s good to be naïve

  • Inviting people to do what is reasonably and intuitively right for them

  • Creating ripples of impact as a second ROI

  • Making space to listen to the wisdom you have earned

  • Shifting from renting our brains to building capabilities within organizations

  • Discovering if this approach is a fit for potential clients

  • Looking for opportunities for your clients’ people to be able to more fully become themselves through the work that they get to do

  • Keeping people willing to continue to embrace chosen naivete when it gets scary or uncertain

  • Earning trust to be able to enter into new engagements

  • Making it easier for our clients and partners to get from where they're going to the next thing

  • Releasing a transparent impact report as a company and being a B Corp

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