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30 min

Episode 228: Walking in Our Clients’ Transformation Shoes—with Barbara Ray

Transformation is tough. That's why your clients need your help making it happen. But what if you need to transform your consulting business? What would you do?

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I interview Barbara Ray, Managing Director of North Highland, who shares how her consulting firm pulled off a major transformation within their organization. She talks about why and how they did it and how it impacted their work with clients.


Barbara Ray

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Episode Details

Walking in your clients’ transformation shows can make you a better consultant. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recognizing when how you differentiated your consultancy stops working

  • Setting up internal systems and an Enterprise Business Agility Program program for constantly maturing and transforming

  • Starting by doing somewhat they criticized clients for doing

  • Creating growth pillars that are inherently cross functional

  • Having high trust and leadership alignment

  • Ensuring clarity of vision and clarity about results that you expect

  • Integrating fully across all facets of the organization

  • Being a teaching culture

  • Translating what they learned to clients

  • Developing the willingness to test and fail and learn and succeed

  • Increasing credibility among clients by doing your own transformation

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