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Episode 30: Launching a Consulting and Coaching Business—with Christine Beal Dunst

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Christine Beal Dunst. Christine is the co-founder and CEO of EMBODY Wellness Company and a former strategy consultant. She is an expert at business planning, strategic development and execution, marketing, and project management—all of which she uses daily to grow her business and help others grow their businesses. In today’s episode, Christine shares how she and her co-founder created a company from scratch, built a robust brand, and developed the right business processes to support their overall business goals.


Christine Beal Dunst

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Episode Details

Christine Beal Dunst shares how she and her co-founder started a coaching and consulting business from the ground up and built it into a powerhouse company working with executives and large companies. She also shares her wisdom about what new consultants can do to build their businesses. In this episode, we talk about:

  • The most important things to do to set your new business up for success

  • How to land your first paid speaking engagements

  • Ways to build your client base and how to continue to connect with them over time

  • Operational best practices as you are growing your business

  • How to maintain a sustainable workload

  • Common mistakes to avoid when starting a business

More about Christine:

More about EMBODY Wellness Company:

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