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40 min

Special Episode 2: How to Best Cope and Make Decisions During the Current Crisis—with Dr. Jan West

In this special Craft of Consulting podcast episode, clinical psychologist and organizational consultant and coach Jan West, PhD, and I discuss what we are seeing among consultants and clients in the face of the coronavirus crisis and options for responding more effectively and coping during the crisis. We also discuss ways to help leaders avoid “panic decisions” and see the opportunities in the crisis.


Dr. Jan West

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Episode Details

As the coronavirus pandemic impacts your life and livelihood, it’s important to make the best decisions possible and help your clients do the same. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Ways that consultants and clients are responding to the crisis

  • How uncertainty is impacting consulting businesses

  • Helping leaders stay calm and take proactive action

  • Clarifying client opportunities in the crisis

  • Using good coping mechanisms to get through the crisis

  • Identifying and sharing your particular magic to help your clients and others

More About Jan:

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