• Deb Zahn

So You Want To Become A Consultant

“How do you actually become a consultant? And what are the steps you need to take to set yourself up for success?”

I wished I had had the foresight to ask those questions before I became a consultant. And I wish someone had answered them and told me how to get started in the right way. Why?

Well, I'm not going to lie to you. I had a really rough start.

The reason I had a rough start is because I didn't understand how to become a consultant, let alone a successful one. I didn’t know there were essential steps I had to take, things that I had to put in place, and new skills I had to learn when I started and as I built a consulting business. I didn't know which priorities I should focus my time, energy, and resources on. So, I tried to do everything, or too often skipped what mattered most. I knew there were things that I could do to help people. At least, I knew that abstractly, but certainly not in the detail I really needed to.

The good news is, I eventually figured it out.

Getting Your Own Consulting Business Started

If you've Googled "How to Become a Consultant," you know that there's a whole lot of opinions and advice out there about how to do it. Some of it is good. Some bad. Some contradictory. And way too much! The truth is, if you tried to do it all, it would take you forever to get going! But if you do it wrong, you could flounder or, worse, fail.

I’m going to cut through all that and let you know what your top priorities should be and what the most important steps are to becoming a successful consultant.

On July 22, I’m holding a live FREE training on how to become a consultant. By the end of the training, you'll know what you need to do to become a successful consultant and you'll know a lot more about how to do it.

So, if you have been dreaming of becoming a consultant, it's time to stop dreaming and start doing! Start taking the steps to launch a successful consulting business so you can have the livelihood and life you dream of sooner.

If you never thought you'd be a consultant but, for whatever reason, it now seems like your best bet for bringing in income, then you want to make sure you are taking the right first steps. The right steps that will help you get income coming in faster and avoid missteps that cost you time and money.

No matter what got you to this point, I want to help you start the best way you can and be successful faster by sharing what I have learned over the last decade of consulting. Join me on this FREE training!

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