EPISODE 37: Lessons in Successful Consulting from a Former Client and Consultant—with Rajan Dev

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Rajan Dev. Rajan has led the development and incubation of digitally enabled products, services, and businesses, most recently as a director of global agency strategy at Facebook, where he also did business development and sales. Before that, he was the president and COO of Hot Studio, a digital product strategy and design agency. In today’s episode, Rajan shares two unique perspectives: one as a client who has hired many consultants and the other as a consultant who has been hired by many clients. Having been in both roles, he offers fantastic advice for building your business and keeping your clients happy. 



Rajan Dev

Raj shares two unique perspectives: one as a client who has hired and worked with consultants and the other as a consultant. Having been on both sides of the table, he shares strategies and critical skills all consultants need to get business and work effectively with clients. In this podcast, we talk about:


  • What clients look for when selecting consultants

  • How the best consultants think beyond what their clients think they need

  • Preparing for client meetings

  • Things your clients don’t need to know

  • Establishing expectations for constant communication

  • What to do when things change from the original consulting agreement (which they always do) or something goes wrong

  • What to do when a client needs something that’s outside your expertise

  • Elements of a strong consulting relationship

  • Tips for succeeding at a consulting firm when you've never been a consultant


More about Rajan:



In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I share key 2019 lessons I learned about my consulting business and what I will do differently going forward.

Listening Time: 24min.

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