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32 min

Episode 103: The Power of Transferable Skills—with Kathy Alexis

How can you transfer skills from one field to another and succeed everywhere you go? This week’s Craft of Consulting podcast guest, Kathy Alexis, shares how she did it.

She does quality improvement work in healthcare settings and is a financial consultant for individuals—and she uses many of the same skills to help her consulting clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. She is even planning to add a third area where those same skills apply.


Kathy Alexis

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Episode Details

Kathy Alexi understands how to apply her people skills regardless of what field she is working in. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Surviving a near-death experience and depression and using those experiences to make changes in her life

  • Deciding to help people who are struggling with money and recognizing what their struggles are

  • Relationship building as a key transferrable skill

  • Tracing the origins of her skills back to her family and days as a health educator

  • Using project management skills to help both organizations and people

  • Knowing who to bring into the work to get the job done

  • Intervening when relapses happen and meeting people where they are

  • Clarifying what the end goal organizations and people want instead of assuming or asserting your own

  • Helping people take ownership of the process and not making it about your goals

  • Providing value so people don’t avoid you

  • Getting into strategic planning with startup companies to help them plan strategies to reach out to their populations

  • Being unafraid to ask for help

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