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34 min

Episode 108: Generating More Income Through Cultivating Excellent Client Experiences—with Candice Washington

If you knew that 80% of your future revenue was going to come from 20% of your existing clients, what would you do?

You would make sure they were 100% delighted with working with you!

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Candice Washington, The Client Curator, who shares exactly how to delight them and never wonder if it’s working or not. Candice reveals the key strategies she uses to help service-based businesses improve their client experience so they are able to increase their client retention and earn more money from their existing client base


Candice Washington

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Episode Details

Candice Washington knows that well-crafted client experiences are critical to meeting your consulting revenue goals. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Ensuring a good experience in client interactions so they continue to pay you

  • Avoiding common mistakes that create a raggedy client experience

  • Taking away a client’s ability to be reasonable by not communicating properly

  • Paying attention to the right data and using it to make data-driven, strategic decisions rather than operating based on feelings

  • Using key systems to facilitate solid client experiences

  • Adding personal touches to keep your clients feeling special

  • Hiring the people—and the right people—you need for your business

  • Assessing client experience step by step to know what to fix

For more information about Candice Washington:

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