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40 min

Episode 115: Honing Your Conflict Resolution Skills—with Dr. Paul Marciano

Managing conflict is one of the most important skills for a consultant to master. Why? Because conflict happens. No matter how good you are at preventing it, you’ll experience conflict when negotiating consulting deals, working with clients, and operating in your market.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Dr. Paul Marciano, a conflict resolution, behavior modification, and motivation expert with a doctorate in clinical psychology from Yale University. He shares what he knows about how conflict arises, what we often do to avoid it, and what we can do instead to get to a good outcome.


Dr. Paul Marciano

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Episode Details

Dr. Paul offers helpful guidance on how to work through conflict rather than running from it. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recognizing that conflict resolution can be a skill deficit and you can get better at it

  • Avoiding conflicts when consulting and the consequences of that avoidance

  • Handling conflict when it comes up with your clients

  • Minding your mindset when there’s a conflict

  • Getting to the root causes of conflict

  • Giving people a break and the benefit of the doubt

  • Staying curious in a conflict instead of getting stuck in automatic mode

  • Embracing that personalities, both your personality and the personalities you are in conflict with, definitely matter

  • Staying focused on the outcome

  • Knowing your triggers

  • Respecting people's individual ways of dealing with things

For more information about Dr. Paul Marciano:

Dr. Paul’s book: Let’s Talk About It: Turning Confrontation In to Collaboration at Work

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