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41 min

Episode 116: Getting Clients Through LinkedIn the Right Way—with Paul Higgins

If you need to get more consulting clients, LinkedIn should be part of your business development strategy. But how do you use LinkedIn effectively and without spamming people’s inboxes?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Paul Higgins who helps consultants develop sales systems that work. He shares his strategies for using LinkedIn the right way to achieve your business goals.


Paul Higgins

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Episode Details

Paul Higgins helps consultants get their next million dollars in revenue. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Thinking of LinkedIn as a free virtual network event but with 700 plus million people on it

  • Avoiding the pitch-immediately way of using LinkedIn

  • Using email to connect with people on LinkedIn and asking the golden question to create an openness to talk with you

  • Getting your profile right

  • Providing value to maximize your post views and reach on LinkedIn

  • Understanding why likes and comments matter and how to get them, including some surprising ways

  • Leveraging the engagement you get to connect directly with people

  • Developing your genius model

  • Using your personality to connect with people effectively

  • Getting to email as quickly as you can

For more information about Paul Higgins:

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