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38 min

Episode 117: Unleashing Innovation Through the Wonder and Rigor of Creativity—with Natalie Nixon

Getting your clients the results they want often means you have to help them get out of ruts in the way they think and operate. Creativity can be a strategic tool to do that. And the more you know about the science behind creativity, the better you can guide them.

In this episode of the Craft of Consulting podcast, Creativity Strategist Natalie Nixon of Figure 8 Thinking explains the science and shares strategies to help them toggle between wonder and rigor to get clients where they want to be.


Natalie Nixon

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Episode Details

Natalie Nixon creates ecosystems for her clients where creativity can flourish and they can create new paths to amplify their business value. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Helping clients answer the questions: what business should we be in and how can we build a more collaborative culture?

  • Designing, hiring, incentivizing, and retaining for creativity

  • Expanding the understanding of creativity

  • Connecting the dots between creativity and business impact so that organizations can truly innovate

  • Toggling between wondering and rigor to solve problems and deliver novel value at scale

  • Understanding the role of the parasympathetic nervous system, including intuition, for strategic decision-making

  • Reframing as a consultant superpower

  • Understanding the context of how clients landed where they are

  • Inviting cognitively diverse people into the process, including a few Debbie Downers and Negative Nancies

  • Starting with prototypes and draft ugly mock-ups to shift the ways of working

  • Working with the full range of what culture is

  • Conducting a “loss audit” to reveal and acknowledge people's fears about what they could lose during a transformation

  • Encouraging clients to become "clumsy students" of something to get them past the uncertain and difficult stages of the work

  • Unlocking your creativity as a consultant

For more information about Natalie Nixon:

WonderRigor™ Lab online, DIY, self-paced course

Download a sample chapter of The Creativity Leap here

Download the WonderRigor™ Tip Sheet here

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