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Episode 118: How All Consultants Can Support Equity and Anti-Racism Work—with Dynasti Hunt

So many companies and organizations are engaging in a flurry of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) activity. But not all that activity is meaningful activity that will lead companies and organizations to transform themselves to become equitable, inclusive, and just. It all depends on what they do and do over time.

So how can you help ensure that real transformation happens?

On this episode of the Craft of Consulting podcast, diversity, equity and inclusion consultant Dynasti Hunt answers this question and so much more. Plus, she shares what all consultants can do to support this work, even if you’re not a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant.


Dynasti Hunt

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Episode Details

Dynasti Hunt shares how to engage in DEI work in a meaningful way and what to avoid that stifles progress or, worse, causes more harm. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Setting a vision for what an equitable, anti-racist company and organization would look like across multiple dimensions

  • Looking for signs that a company or organization has a real commitment to DEI work

  • Recognizing that most aspects of business is emotional and complicated, not just anti-racism work

  • Understanding that you have to change mindsets and behaviors of people within the organization and the infrastructure and systems for it to work

  • Being a life-time learner instead of an “expert”

  • Recognizing that the other side of this work is beautiful and equitable and, therefore, worth fighting for

  • Assessing where each company and organization truly is

  • Using coaching to help leaders explore the uncomfortable gaps they experience in this process

  • Doing root cause analyses to help people uncover the impact on their business, people, and long-term longevity for sales and then using that process for decision making

  • Considering how new businesses and solopreneurs can embrace this work so they don’t create another through-line for more white-dominant practices and white supremacy

  • Understand what non-DEI consultants, especially white consultants, can do to support this work and help place it at the core of what companies and organizations do

  • Examining our frameworks to ensure they are not embedded with themes and tools that will cause harm

  • Recognizing the value of this work and not asking DEI consultants and anti-racist leaders and educators to educate you for free

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