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Episode 120: How Introverted Consultants Can Succeed Their Way—with Terrance Lee

Introverts are unavoidable. Either you are working with a client who is an introvert, teams with introverts…or you’re one.

It’s essential to understand how to work with one effectively or, if you’re one, how to be a successful consultant and use your introversion as your superpower.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Terrance Lee, the Introvert Leader, who breaks down how introverts tick and what works and what doesn’t when engaging with them. He also talks about how introverted consultants can build successful consulting businesses.


Terrance Lee

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Episode Details

Terrance Lee uses his experience of being an introvert leader and expertise of introverts to show a path to success. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Defining introversion and dispelling common misunderstandings of who introverts are

  • Recognizing the gifts that introverts bring

  • Operating as an introvert in extrovert-forward environments

  • Getting past overthinking

  • Finding your voice as an introvert and making space for introverts to participate

  • Networking effectively as an introvert

  • Maintaining energy as an introvert

  • Bring your authentic self as an introvert

For more information about Terrance Lee:

(The Introvert Leader YouTube)

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