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40 min

Episode 126: Storytelling Your Way to Consulting Clients—with Amy Blaschka

Telling your story effectively can get you more consulting clients. Effective stories tell prospective clients who you are and why they should trust you with their problems and aspirations.

In this episode of the Craft of Consulting podcast, expert social media ghostwriter, Amy Blaschka, shares strategic ways to use storytelling to magnify your business and get clients to hire you.


Amy Blaschka

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Episode Details

Amy Blaschka knows how to craft stories to communicate and connect better. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Drawing people in through storytelling and tantalizing tidbits

  • Weaving together your professional and personal experience to reveal your unique points of difference

  • Sharing wisdom and insights of how you navigated successes and challenges

  • Being a bit vulnerable to show that you are relatable, genuine, and authentic

  • Figuring out your unique zone of genius and personal brand

  • Understanding the long game of building trust

  • Implementing basic shifts on your website and social media to improve your stories and get better results

  • Asking your audience and clients about their challenges, struggles, and desires

  • Using the power trifecta for winning at the long game of content

  • Understanding what a ghost writer does

For more information about Amy Blaschka:

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