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Episode 127: The Power of Transformative Consulting—with Crystal Kadakia

Not all consulting is—or should be—the let-me-tell-you-what-to-do version. There is an alternative: transformative consulting.

In this episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, consultant Crystal Kadakia defines what it is and shares her strategies for applying this approach to get her clients results.

She also talks about her path into consulting, starting at 25, and how she picked her niche in a new market and established enough credibility to get clients and do the work she loves.


Crystal Kadakia

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Episode Details

Crystal Kadakia uses transformative consulting to allow solutions to emerge through a rich discovery process with her clients. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Defining what transformative consulting is and how it is different than “black box” consulting

  • Getting clients to hire you for transformative consulting

  • Helping clients define what they really want and guiding them to not do things without clarifying that

  • Recognizing what it takes to do transformative consulting

  • Avoiding actions that undermine the process and outcomes

  • Starting consulting at 25 and how she made it work

  • Recognizing the pitfalls of just using consulting to escape your current reality

  • Seizing the new possibilities that the transition to the digital age allows

  • Setting boundaries to have the business you want

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