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Episode 128: Creating Predictable Monthly Revenue—with Laura Khalil

The dream of any consultant is ensuring that you have predictable monthly revenue.

But it is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. You have to create the conditions and take the action that will give you predictable review in your consulting business. But how?

In this episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, I interview Laura Khalil, owner of Brave By Design. She walks us through the ins and outs of what you have to do as a consultant to ensure that you have predictable monthly revenue.


Laura Khalil

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Episode Details

Laura Khalil helps consulting creatives get predictable revenue in their pockets. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Rejecting feast-or-famine cycles of consulting revenue as the norm

  • Reframing your thinking toward a bigger price and longer consulting contract and understanding the value to the client

  • Helping clients through iteratives processes

  • Focusing on third quarter revenue and knowing when clients make budget decisions

  • Creating a business where you have a sales funnel full of highly qualified leads that are ready to work with you

  • Treating the prospective client as your equal not overlord

  • Showing who you really are and not a veneer

  • Avoiding the “hustle” culture

  • Developing your four-part business development plan

  • Overcoming your addiction to stress, overwhelm, and self-sabotage

For more information about Laura Khalil:

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