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59 min

Episode 131: Uplifting Communities While Doing Racial Equity Work—with Rumana Rabbani and Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

How can consultants contribute to community-based work while uplifting the voices of community members and supporting their power?

In this week's episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, my guests Rumana Rabbani and Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah share their expertise and knowledge in uplifting the voices of community health workers and community-based organizations through their work on racial equity and violence prevention. They share their approach to engaging with communities and how others can embrace similar approaches.


Rumana Rabbani and Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

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Episode Details

Rumana Rabbani and Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah are deeply rooted in core values of grassroots community work. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Working together to lift up community-based organizations (CBOs) and community health workers (CHWs)

  • Sharing their life experiences that brought them to this work and approach

  • Taking science and learning how to give it back to communities

  • Having lived experience with inequities that drive their work

  • Having equitable systems and practices in place that lift up the voices of CBOs and CHWs

  • Recognizing and supporting community-based organizations who are doing the work

  • Being centered and grounded in core values of humanity, racial justice, social justice, empathy, and authenticity

  • Doing the proper assessment of the landscape that you're stepping into and being equitable in how you share your resources

  • Not using practices that have already oppressed communities and they still have the trauma from

  • Lifting up CBOs, CHWs, and marginalized communities in evaluations

  • Convincing funders with good intentions to change how they do things

  • Making implementation science work better through a participatory research approach and de-implementing inequitable practices

  • Giving community members the tools to show that they're naturally implementing all the time

For more information about Rumana Rabbani and Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah:

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