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36 min.

Episode 137: How the Lack of Focus Can Hurt Your Consulting Business—with Erik Jensen

Rising about the din of consultants in your market requires clarity and focus. It requires planting your unique flag of authority.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Erik Jensen from Predictive ROI. They help agencies, coaches, and consultants build a position of authority and monetize it. In this episode, he shares insights about how to best define who you help, why you help them, or how you help them and, by doing so, get more business more easily.


Erik Jensen

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Episode Details

Erik Jensen articulates a path to getting more clients by planting your flag of authority in a narrow area. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Embracing that you can’t be everything to everybody

  • Gaining clarity to create a good value proposition

  • Understanding that thought leaders don't create content that anyone else could easily create

  • Defaulting to using price as a lever when you don’t differentiate yourself

  • Overcoming your fear of opportunity costs

  • Avoiding reinventing the wheel for every new client that you get

  • Using cornerstone content to hammer your flag deeper into the area that you're claiming

  • Recognizing that everything gets easier when you niche down

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