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Episode 141: Multiple Options for Better Balancing Your Life—Podcast Guests

More life balance in 2022 is possible. Throughout 2021, I asked over 40 consultants how they bring more balance to their lives, however they define that for themselves. And they generously shared their strategies.

If you need more ideas to kick off the new year, I compiled some of my favorites in this episode of the Craft of Consulting podcast mash up. I also share some of my go-to strategies, including not letting self-care make your life harder.


Podcast Guests

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Episode Details

Are you ready to steal life balance strategies from other consultants? In this episode, I compiled 12 answers to my “How do you bring more balance to your life?” questions.

Setting boundaries, volunteering, enjoying your freedom, not “shoulding on” yourself, and more by:

  • Crystal Kadakia 

  • Deb Cullerton

  • Dee Maddox 

  • Sergio Matos

  • Carrie Bohlig

  • Terrance Lee

  • Scott Love

  • Jaimee Maree

  • Diogène Ntirandekura

  • Prina Shah

  • Danielle McGinnis

  • Host Deb Zahn

For more information about why creating more balance in your life matters, check out this blog.

For tips on setting boundaries, check out this blog.

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