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38 min

Episode 142: Consulting Case Studies That Convert—with Anfernee Chansamooth

Your promise is not enough to woo prospective consulting clients. But a promise of what you can do for them + proof that you have done it before is a powerful combination!

In this Craft of Consulting podcast, I interview Anfernee Chansamooth from Simple Creative Marketing who breaks down why case studies can provide the proof would-be clients need to increase their desire to engage you. He also shares how to craft them to get that outcome.


Anfernee Chansamooth

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Episode Details

Case studies are powerful tools to show consulting clients why they should hire you. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Establishing trust with potential clients and your brand

  • Knowing which type of content converts and what doesn’t

  • Using case studies as a way to quickly elicit and demonstrate that you can deliver on your promise

  • Ensuring your case studies have three elements that make them compelling

  • Recognizing why some case studies are don’t work

  • Avoiding common obstacles when consultants do case studies

  • Interviewing clients and asking in depth questions to make case studies truly resonate

  • Sharing a seven-step framework for developing effective case studies

  • Using case studies to generate leads and close deals

For more information about Anfernee Chansamooth and Simple Creative Marketing:

Bonuses for you:

Free Case Study Guide PDF: Learn our 6-step process for crafting compelling case studies:

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