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39 min

Episode 147: Using Online Ads in Your Marketing Mix—with Chudi Anyaeche

Adding online/digital ads to your marketing mix can be a great option for your consulting business? But how do you do them effectively, so you aren't wasting your money?

On this week's episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, online marketing expert Chudi Anyaeche shares the dos and don'ts of online advertising. He shares how to test and deploy ads to increase the likelihood of getting the business you ultimately want.


Chudi Anyaeche

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Episode Details

Chudi Anyaeche helps create and test online ad campaigns to help companies get more business. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding the purpose of digital advertising

  • Knowing how algorithms can limit the reach to your organic social media posts vs online ads

  • Avoiding common mistakes with online advertising

  • Answering the right initial questions to formulate a targeted advertising strategy

  • Researching, testing, and optimizing your ads over time

  • Clarifying your target audience and finding the right language to get them to care about what you’re selling

  • Recognizing what separates more successful businesses from those that are not as successful

  • Using data to see what works and then adjusting your strategy

  • Holding true to your values when advertising

  • Getting help with online advertising

  • Looking for red flags when getting help

  • Having something that people want to buy

For more information about Chudi Anyaeche:

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