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Episode 15: The Art of Networking—with Sapna Malhotra

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I talk with Sapna Malhotra, and we get into the nuts and bolts of networking for consultants. Sapna is an international management consultant with two decades of experience. Once at Accenture, she is now an independent consultant who literally wrote the book on networking. In today’s episode, she's going to share some of her wisdom to help you network more effectively and comfortably and use networking to build a robust consulting business.


Sapna Malhotra

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Episode Details

Sapna Malhotra, CEO at Digiruptor, shares how to think about, approach, and successfully network as a consultant. She shares her tips and tactics to develop this essential business development skill. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • What networking really is

  • Getting into the right mindset to network effectively

  • Top tactics for networking

  • How to break the ice, get people intrigued, and be remembered

  • The best way to follow up and get more responses

  • Leveraging conferences and social media as a networking tool

More about Sapna:  

Connect the Dots: How to Turn Strangers Into Meaningful Network Relationship

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