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50 min

Episode 151: Getting on Podcasts to Get Consulting Business—with Deb Zahn

Being a podcast guest can be your ticket to getting more consulting clients if, and only if it is part of a larger strategy to get listeners to become clients. It doesn't happen by chance. So you need a plan.

On this podcast, host Deb Zahn talks about becoming a guest on other people's podcasts. She takes the mystery out of how to do get on podcasts and use those appearances to get more consulting business.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Podcast guesting can be a powerful way to build a business if you do it wisely. In this episode, host Deb Zahn talks about:

  • Recognizing the benefits of being a podcast guest

  • Speeding up the know-like-and-trust factor

  • Solving the mystery of how to get on someone’s podcast

  • Getting clear about your business targets and goals before you reach out to podcast hosts

  • Targeting the right podcasts to reach out to

  • Getting help to reach out

  • Understanding how to get on podcasts

  • Preparing to be an excellent guest once they say yes to having you on their show but not getting stuck in perfectionism

  • Dealing with being nervous

  • Knowing what not to do

  • Having a clear call to action

  • Using the podcast appearance to get consulting clients

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