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45 min

Episode 154: Revenue Generating Activities as a Path to Profitability—with Catherine Brown

When good humans focus on revenue-generating activities, good things happen. You get to sell your services to good people and then get to do great work for them. But it requires focus and action and a mindset that doesn't prevent all the goodness from happen!

On this week’s episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, sales expert and author Catherine Brown of ExtraBold Sales, defines what revenue-generating activities (RGAs) are and how to make sure you do them regularly to keep your pipeline full and flowing.


Catherine Brown

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Episode Details

Catherine Brown lights the way to selling like a good human. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Justifying low sales activity because you just don’t like to sell

  • Defining revenue-generating activities (RGAs) for your consulting business

  • Changing what you do with your days to support consulting sales

  • Sharing the process for setting up sales calls

  • Being a relationship builder for the long haul

  • Preparing before engaging in RGAs

  • Not making up stories to stop you from doing RGAs

  • Getting past mindset blocks that get in the way of sales

  • Worrying less about being spammy when you do RGAs

  • Cultivating referral partners as a path to sales

For more information about Catherine Brown:

Catherine’s Book: How Good Humans Sell

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