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Episode 155 - Progressing Leads Through Your Consulting Sales Funnel—with Catherine Brown

What is lead vs. a prospect for your consulting business? And why does it matter for getting consulting business?

It matters because it will help you know where to spend your time and energy and how to use the right strategies to get clients.(And not spin your wheels by treating everyone the same.)

In this week’s episode of the Craft of Consulting Podcast, we're going to talk about leads and prospects for your consulting business. I again interview sales expert and author, Catherine Brown. She shares the specifics of generating leads and prospects and the steps to turn more of them into clients.


Catherine Brown

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Episode Details

Catherine Brown talks about a consulting sales funnel and what it means for you selling your services. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Resolving how we think about sales

  • Focusing time on people who can send you referrals

  • Distinguishing between a lead and prospect and why

  • Knowing what to do based on how warm the lead or prospect is

  • Applying the principle of “them before me”

  • Retooling the About section on your LinkedIn

  • Avoiding common no-nos when trying to generate leads and reaching out to prosects

  • Using a lead generator

  • Understanding what a sales funnel is and why it matters for getting consulting business

  • Using email to nurture relationships

For more information about Catherine Brown:


Book: How Good Humans Sell

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