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Episode 159: A Consulting Business Model with Sustainability and Social Impact—with Kindred Motes

If you care about sustainability and social impact, your consulting business can model. But if you care about more than just making money, having a greater impact with everyone who engages with your business, and contributing to making the world a better place, how would you do it?

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast, I interview Kindred Motes. Founder and Managing Director, KM Strategies Group. He shares all the ways he is baking sustainability and social impact into the DNA of his consulting business.


Kindred Motes

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Episode Details

Kindred Motes didn’t want to replicate unsustainable business practices and miss an opportunity to have a significant social impact with his consulting firm. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Thinking deeply about what it means to create a more sustainable way to work

  • Implementing a four-day work week and recalibrating to make it work

  • Sharing what you’re doing to create small ripples that lead to societal change

  • Implementing other paid time off and family leave for employees

  • Paying for mental health days and health and wellness costs in part-time staff and contractor rates

  • Committing a portion of annual revenue every year for social impact

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