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56 min

Episode 16: How to Set and Manage Client Expectations as a Consultant—with Stefanie Lindeman

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, guest Stefanie Lindeman and I discuss how to set and manage client expectations. Stefanie is an independent consultant who helps organizations secure the grant funding they need to strengthen, sustain, and grow their services. We discuss how to make sure that you and your client have the same expectations before, during, and after a project.


Stefanie Lindeman

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Episode Details

Stefanie Lindeman, owner of SL Grant Development, and host Deb Zahn share their expertise and insights for effectively managing client expectations and avoiding awkward client conversations due to misunderstandings. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Why expectations matter for a client engagement and the consequences of not doing it well

  • Common challenges and solutions for setting and managing client expectations about the scope, timeframe, and budget

  • How to establish boundaries and communication standards before the project starts

  • Managing expectations to support your life balance

  • How to handle unexpected changes during a project

  • Ways to set expectations after an engagement to build your business

More about Stefanie: 

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