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35 min

Episode 163: Helping C-Suites Excel in an Disruptive World—with Jacqueline Conway

What do C-Suite executives have to become fluent in to adapt to a continually disruptive world? And how we consultants help them gain the fluencies they need to adapt and thrive?

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Jacqueline Conway, Managing Director of Waldencroft. She walks use through the key fluencies critical for today's executive leaders and what consultants can do to help them forge their future.


Jacqueline Conway

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Episode Details

Consultants need to know what executives need to serve them well. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Understanding the shift that leaders have must make when they get into the C-Suite

  • Gaining fluencies in these new ways of thinking, acting, and being to fully occupy their executive leadership at the enterprise level

  • Applying four vital fluencies for executives to succeed

  • Recognizing that the future leaves clues

  • Managing change that requires bending and flexing

  • Sinking into a problem to diagnosis is accurately

  • Operating as a consultant with your head, your hand, and your heart

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