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42 min

Episode 166: How to Boost your LinkedIn Presence as a Consultant—with Emily Crookston

LinkedIn can be a place for you to generate consulting leads and get business. But…you must approach it skillfully to get the results you want.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview LinkedIn expert Emily Crookston who shares key strategies for establishing a business-getting presence on LinkedIn.


Emily Crookston

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Episode Details

Emily Crookston helps people build a presence on LinkedIn that drives business—and doesn’t drive people away! In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recognizing that your profile is a valuable piece of internet real estateSwitching business strategies from public speaking to LinkedIn when the pandemic hit

  • Fixing your profile first and avoiding treating your LinkedIn profile like a resume

  • Developing a system for posting and tying it to a plan for getting consulting business

  • Promoting your business on LinkedIn but not only promoting

  • Knowing what content performs well on LinkedIn

  • Focusing on one platform where your clients

  • Using and reusing content creatively

  • Experimenting with new LinkedIn features

  • Choosing how often to be on LinkedIn and knowing what to spend your time doing

  • Understanding that LinkedIn's algorithm is meant to serve LinkedIn's purposes, not your business

  • Knowing what to measure relative to your goals

For more information about Emily Crookston:


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