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37 min

Episode 177: Contingencies and Choices for Consulting “What Ifs”—with Jamie Green

Having a thriving consulting business requires you to prepare for and respond to a slew of "what ifs" that could impact your livelihood and life.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Jamie Green who shares how to create contingency plans and make choices about those "what ifs" so you can enjoy being a consultant and having the good life that comes with it.


Jamie Green

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Episode Details

Jamie Green didn’t let all the uncertainties and realities of her life get in the way of being a consultant and doing it her way. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recognizing how much fits under the consulting umbrella

  • Being honest about your finances so you can plan and make good choices

  • Embracing the fear of financial uncertainties when you’re the sole or primary source of income

  • Consulting when you are a “certain age,” including when you are menopausal

  • Managing your energy levels when you have a chronic condition

  • Using the freedom and flexibility of consulting to your advantage

  • Being fully human in your work

  • Staying in control of your schedule and availability

  • Planning for economic fluctuations

  • Having people on your business “board of advisors” so you can get the mix of insights and help you need

  • Being the boss you always wanted

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