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35 min

Episode 178: Helping Consulting Clients with Growth—with Heather Gould

Help your consulting clients make their growth goals happen is no easy task, especially when the larger environment is still so uncertain. That’s why they need your help now more than ever.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview strategic growth consultant Heather Gould who shares how to work with your consulting clients who are focused on growth, including getting them to define what they truly want all the way through helping them achieve their growth goals.


Heather Gould

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Episode Details

Heather Gould helps consulting clients get growth right. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Working with consulting clients who experience stalled growth and those involved in hyper-growth

  • Understanding what problem consulting clients might be trying to solve

  • Helping client get clear on what kind of company they want to be

  • Asking the right questions to know what clients really need

  • Listening what what’s not being said and paying attention to body language to get to the heart of what they real want

  • Supporting leaders with the impact of change on the organization

  • Knowing that you’re never going to change the CEO

  • Helping clients understand the impact of culture

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