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Episode 181: Lessons After Consulting for One Year—with Zack Pike

Lessons from a consultant after 1 year of consulting. What worked, what didn't, and what now.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Zack Pike, a data scientist who just hit his 1-year mark as a consultant. He looks back and shares his insights on what you need to do to prepare to become a consultant, what are some of the first things you need to do once you take that leap, and what you must do and pay attention to along the way to build a thriving consulting business and good life.


Zack Pike

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Episode Details

Zack Pike took the leap into consulting and learned valuable lessons during his first year. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Sharing what made him take the leap into consulting

  • Having financial backstops in place to accommodate long sales cycles

  • Letting go of fear by knowing that you can always go back into employment

  • Focusing on having a pipeline of new business coming in and taking action daily

  • Figuring out one thing that you are better than anyone else in the world at and selling that

  • Understanding that sales is about being in someone's mind when they need something specific

  • Putting your offer in front of as many people as you can to get feedback before you go to market

  • Establishing a name for yourself and engaging on LinkedIn to support cold outreach

  • Creating 45-second personalized videos for every cold outreach message

  • Protecting your working time

  • Working with a good tax person

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