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33 min

Episode 182: Get More Time Off While Growing Your Consulting Business—with Ashao FreeSky

Creating an effective, systematized business can enable you to reclaim your time and finally have that freedom that consulting promises.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Ashao FreeSky, CEO of Double Your Time Off, who shares strategies for how to enjoy more time freedom by building an effective consulting business operating system.


Ashao FreeSky

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Episode Details

Ashao FreeSky knows that having more time off while still having a successful consulting business requires deliberate choices and action. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Reclaiming some of those magic moments to be with your family

  • Trying to do everything as a root cause of overwork and burnout

  • Installing a business operating system that allows you to focus what matters

  • Cutting out all the crap you've been told that you need to do

  • Plugging energy sucks

  • Eliminating as many tasks from your personal to-do list as you can through automating and delegating

  • Creating your business operating system blueprint

  • Constructing 90-day success plans

  • Addressing the five different constraints that your business can have

  • Documenting all the recurring activities in your business

  • Rooting new behaviors into your routine and growing momentum over time

  • Avoiding what can trip you up

  • Downloading the “Perfect Week” Checklist

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