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44 min

Episode 184: Creating a Rule-Breaking Consulting Business—with Brooke Monaghan

Not recreating in your consulting business what you hated about your job doesn't happen by chance. It takes an examination of what you truly want, developing a plan for how to get it, and breaking rules that get in your way.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Brooke Monaghan, who shares how to develop a rule-breaking, value-driven business that makes you happy and fulfills you.


Brooke Monaghan

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Episode Details

Brooke Monaghan isn’t shy about helping people ignore all everyone telling them what they have to do and instead do what works for them. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Moving forward in alignment with your values rather than just doing what you think you're “supposed to be doing”

  • Unlearning how you killed yourself in your job

  • Experimenting and allowing your vision also to change over time

  • Working with what you have in front of you

  • Recognizing the role of trauma and mental health in your business

  • Knowing that you can’t build a consulting business that is sustainable, aligned with your values, and gives you a sense of freedom using tactics that harm you

  • Recognizing what to do before you jump straight into strategy

  • Getting paid for doing quality work

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