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43 min

Episode 187: Building a Consulting Business That Frees You—with Carlos Adell

Being the boss of your consulting business doesn't mean you have to work 24-7 doing everything yourself. There are many ways to make it easier for you to enjoy your business and life.

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I Interview Carlos Adell, who shares strategies for building a consulting business that doesn't just rely on you and lets you have a great business and life.


Carlos Adell

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Episode Details

Carlos Adell offers solutions for creating and integrating your business in a way that saves you time and money. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Recognizing the downside of trying to do everything yourself

  • Getting help from the beginning

  • Building your own assets

  • Understanding what you should be tracking in your consulting business

  • Following up is where the money is

  • Automating some of your outreach without losing the personal touch

  • Getting paid upfront as a client commitment

  • Avoiding shiny objects when looking for technology

  • Integrating systems to make them work together

  • Using key elements for cold outreach

For more information about Carlos Adell:


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