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Episode 19: How to Effectively Engage Stakeholders for Your Clients—with Mary Jo Condon

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I interview Mary Jo Condon. Mary Jo is a senior consultant at Freedman HealthCare, a national healthcare consulting firm specializing in state data, health care analytics, and stakeholder engagement. Mary Jo has worked with numerous clients and coalitions across the country to help groups of stakeholders develop and move forward on common goals. In today’s episode, she shares her tips and strategies to successfully facilitate a multi-stakeholder engagement in any industry.


Mary Jo Condon

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Episode Details

Mary Jo Condon, senior consultant at Freedman HealthCare, shares her know-how on facilitating successful multi-stakeholder engagements in today’s episode. She shares how she works across diverse clients and stakeholder experiences and perspectives to help them achieve great things together. In this podcast, we talk about:

  • What “stakeholders” can mean in various industries

  • Helping clients clarify reasonable goals

  • Creating a compelling “why” to get stakeholders to work together

  • Go-to techniques for facilitating groups of stakeholders

  • Getting stakeholders to agree on common goals, even when people do not agree

  • Creating and developing ambassadors to propel work forwards

  • Common mistakes when facilitating multi-stakeholder agreements and how to avoid them

More about Mary Jo:

More about Freedman HealthCare:

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