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39 min

Episode 191: Minding Your Money and Money Mindset—with Danielle Hayden

How well do you really know your consulting business finances? Are you going by hope, faith, or your gut, or do you have the data in front of you to make good business decisions?

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I Interview Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. She walks through how to stay on top of your consulting business finances, so you know that you are truly building the business you want to have.


Danielle Hayden

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Episode Details

Danielle Hayden solves the mystery of your consulting business finances. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Making business decisions based on your heart or gut

  • Looking at your past finances to see the future

  • Understanding your money mindset

  • Having a “money team” who helps you understand your finances

  • Knowing three financial numbers at all times

  • Grading your clients to see who you want to keep working with

  • Paying for accountability

For more information about Danielle Hayden:


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