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42 min

Episode 193: Developing a Product for Your Consulting Business—with Suzy Haber Wakefield

Adding a product to your consulting business lets you scale up and serve more. But how do you even create a product?

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I coach fashion consultant Suzy Haber Wakefield through the decision-making process for developing her first product. This first-ever coaching episode is part one or a two-part episode. In this episode, we walk through what the product could be. (Part two is how to validate it and sell it!)


Suzy Haber Wakefield

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Episode Details

Suzy Haber Wakefield wants to earn a portion of her revenue from a product and gets coached by me on how to do it. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Identifying why you want to create a product

  • Knowing who your buyer is and why they would want to buy your product

  • Identifying results that the buyer wants

  • Clarifying what the buyer would have to do to get that result

  • Defining the minimal viable product that still gets your buyer a meaningful result that they're willing to buy

  • Adding or leveraging other offers

  • Determining how to deliver the product and a buyer experience

  • Developing a “play price”

  • Teasing the next episode

For more information about Suzy Haber Wakefield:


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