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37 min

Episode 194: Validating and Selling a Product for Your Consulting Business—with Suzy Haber Wakefield

Consulting products are another way to serve folks who need your help and generate a new type of revenue for your consulting business.

In this Craft of Consulting podcast episode, I bring Suzy Haber Wakefield back for our second coaching session on developing a product. In this episode, we walk through how to validate and sell a product.


Suzy Haber Wakefield

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Episode Details

Suzy Haber Wakefield wants to serve her clients through offering a product. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Validating a product and price before you create it

  • Providing value in exchange for input

  • Listening for the language people use to describe how they feel about your product

  • Pre-selling before you develop a product

  • Creating a sales funnel for your product

  • Redirecting to other offers

  • Considering how to package the product to sell it and make sure it delivers the promised result

  • Converting people to buyers

  • Experimenting and paying attention to your data to increase conversions

  • Capturing what people are telling you that they also want

  • Looking at your product as a bite-sized, affordable, value-driven way to serve people

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