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42 min

Episode 206: How to Pivot to Do Something New as a Consultant—with Deb Zahn

You can pivot in your consulting business and make it work! There are good (and not so good) reasons to pivot. But if you decide to pivot, you need it start bringing in income as soon as possible.

In this Craft of Consulting Podcast episode, I talk about how to pivot as a consultant quickly and successfully.


Deb Zahn

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Episode Details

Pivoting as a consultant can be a great way to earn more and do more of what you love. In this episode, I talk about:

  • Recognizing three types of pivots

  • Understanding when not to pivot

  • Creating the foundations to pivot successfully

  • Gathering market intel related to whatever it is you're pivoting to

  • Identifying your transferable knowledge, skills, and results

  • Repurposing to reposition yourself

  • Leveraging your existing network

  • Going back to get more intel

  • Avoiding spending whole lot of time getting everything fancy and “perfect”

  • Establishing authority where your buyers are

  • Sneaking into a new market or offer

  • Accumulating results specific to your pivot and leveraging those results to get more business

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